5th conference on
6th - 8th September 2022
University of Ljubljana | Slovenia


Session 2
chair: Patrick Gallois, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
9.00 - 9.40    Nuria Sanchez Coll
Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG)
The role of type I metacaspases in stress as regulators of biomolecular condensates

9.40 - 10.10    Małgorzata Adamiec
University in Poznań
Changes of fatty acid composition of the cellular membranes and other consequences of the lack of egy1 protease in the A. thaliana

10.10 - 10.30   Sina Barghahn
University of Cologne
Transcriptional markers and protease activities during plant regulated cell death

10.30 - 10.45     Katarina Petra van Midden
University of Ljubljana
Molecular and functional characterization of Chlamydomonas metacaspases


10.45 - 11.15    Coffee break
Session 3
chair: Annick Stintzi, University of Hohenheim, Germany
11.15 - 11.55    Peter Bozkov
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Off the beaten tracks: proteolysis in biomolecular condensates

11.55 - 12.25    Viktor Demko 
Comenius University in Bratislava
Plant calpain DEFECTIVE KERNEL 1 and our current efforts to understand its mode of action

12.25 - 12.45    Rita B. Santos
University of Lisbon
Serine proteases and their inhibitors in the grapevine-downy mildew crosstalk

12.45 - 13.00    Janet Bakalarz
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
Degradation of monoclonal antibodies by apoplastic subtilases of N. benthamiana
13.00 - 14.00    Lunch

Session 4
chair: Hannele Tuominen, Umea University, Sweden
14.00 - 14.40    Frank van Breusegem
Ghent University - VIB
Proteolysis during wounding and retrograde signaling. Two examples.

14.40 - 15.10      Elfriede Dall
University of Salzburg
A. thaliana legumains show isoform specific mechanisms of activation and substrate recognition

15.10 - 15.30    Luisa Fernanda Corredor Arias 
Umeå University
Metacaspases in unicellular microalgae: a tale of life or death?

15.30 - 15.45     Alice Godson
University of Oxford
Uncovering the immune function of suppressed cysteine protease RD21 in N. benthamiana
15.45 - 16.15    Coffee break

Session 5
chair: Pitter Huesgen, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
16.15 - 16.55    Christiane Funk
Umeå University
The FtsH pseudo-proteases – important enzymes without proteolytic activity

16.55 - 17.25    Panagiotis Moschou
University of Crete/FORTH/Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Type I and type II metacaspases in seed development

17.25 - 17.45    Mariana Schuster
University of Oxford
Hacking the immune system, engineering plant proteases to improve crop protection

17.45 - 18.00    Daniel Moser
University of Cologne
Modulation of papain-like cysteine proteases by root commensals of Zea mays

18.00 - 20.00    Poster session and finger food